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This is the land of my birth, this is Jamaica, my Jamaica, the land of my birth -Eric DonaldsonThere is just something about this little island, set in the Caribbean sea. Jamaica is just a dot on the map compared to the rest of the world – that’s what we were taught in school.  As children we wondered, how come! We’ve got so much going on here. Just didn’t make sense!  Until we were introduced to the world map. Perspective is everything!As our Independence day approaches, I won’t lie, I always get a little nostalgic. I ALWAYS miss the vibe, the celebrations, the events, everything about it. This holiday ranks up there with Christmas for me. I can’t even explain it as my words cannot do justice to the way I feel. Share with me “my Jamaica”; memories of independence celebrations.Family Gatherings on Independence DayThis was a given. It is probably no different from what happens in most places in the world for any major national holiday when people are off work. I remember my entire family; aunts, uncles, cousins, extended family would gather at my grandmother’s house in the hills of St Catherine(In Jamaica we call rural areas “country”). To put this all in context, my grandmother had a modest 3 bedroom house, no electricity at the time and no running water. Despite all of that, it was one of my happy places.On Independence morning, my mother would…


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